Turkey Trot

The past six Turkey Trots were a great experience for our students, parents, and staff at CLS. They have been very successful in helping us raise over $80,000!  The funds raised in the past have been used towards the purchase of new playground equipment and technology enhancements for our school.

On Thursday, November 15, 2018, our students participated in our 7th annual Turkey Trot. It was a gorgeous day for a run! We had over 150 students participate, 50+ parents or family members attend to support or participate.

This year we continued our tradition of passing along a tithe of the funds raised in the Turkey-Trot towards a chosen ministry partner.  This year’s recipient of our tithe was the Team Jack Foundation for pediatric brain cancer research.  Led by pediatric brain cancer survivor Ezra Sallman, our children were able to raise more that $1,500 for the Team Jack Foundation!  Ezra led us in our countdown to the run – and the CLS students sported super-hero capes in honor of the hero’s in the pediatric brain cancer community who are leading the fight for a cure!

The remaining funds have been directed to immediately support the cost of the Christ Lutheran School operations.  These funds critically support the essential costs associated with running a quality Christian education to the Overland Park community.  Thank you for your generosity and your ongoing support!

Once again, thanks so much for your efforts to make the Turkey Trot such a memorable, successful event! THANK YOU for all of your continued support, it is truly great to be a Griffin!